The Nigeria Police add 2000 more personnel to support the fight against terror in the North East

By nigerian memo – December 3, 2018

Personnel of the Nigeria Police Force
Personnel of the Nigeria Police Force

Most of the difficulties the Nigeria Police Force find themselves in today are fallout of neglect meted on them during the military dictatorships where preference was given to the army at the expensive of policing for fear of not being overthrown by the police force who has always have the highest number of personnel due to the nature of its functions. Read More

The lies about after God fear women that keeps me wondering

By nigerian memo – November 30, 2018

Two young beautiful African women
Two young beautiful African women

I have severally heard and read this statement: ‘After God Fear Women’ but I have come to realise that the statement in itself is not well thought through; it is a mere consolatory assumption that needs rethinking. Read More

How to know the signs of motherhood in women

By nigerian memo – November 29, 2018

Baby's booties and clothing
Baby’s booties and clothing

Mr. Tenn is a nice young businessman who attends one of these modern day ‘fire-brand’ churches that are also called Pentecostal churches. He is a typical dedicated member who is involved in most church activities but does not fall into the over zealous ‘I am holier than thou’ class of church hypocrites. Read More