Buhari will never handover power to Bola Tinubu – Reno Omokri predicts

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari

Reno Omokri has taken Bola Tinubu through memory lane to analyse how Northern Muslims treat Southern Muslim over the years when it comes to positions of authority. He emphasized that no Northern Muslim will allow a Southern Muslim to become Nigeria President and Tinubu is not an exception.

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What I am going to say is shocking. But truth is BITTER. However, bitter as it is, truth must still be said. Any Southerner who has lived in the North, like my family and I did, knows that Northern Muslims trust Southern Christians before they trust Southern Muslims. For example, the only times that a Northern Muslim has VOLUNTARILY handed power to a Southerner, were to Olusegun Obasanjo and Ernest Shonekan. The North has never handed over power to a Southern Muslim, who they perceive generally as munafiqun. I am not saying they are right about Southern Muslims. I know a number of Southern Muslims and I have read The Quran and know that they are true believers. But perception, they say, is reality. My own father, a Christian, was made a judge in Sokoto, ahead of Southern Muslims. When a slot opened up for the Northwest to nominate a Justice of the Court of Appeal, the Northwest trusted my father, and nominated him to fill their slot in the second highest court of Nigeria. To my knowledge, they have never done that, and may never do that for a Southern Muslim (give him or her their slot in the very powerful Court of Appeal). Even in the mosque, it is very, very, very rare (I have never heard it happen) for Northern Muslims to allow a Southern Muslim lead them in prayer. Which is why in major Nigerian cities, you have what is colloquially known as the Hausa Mosque (for Northern Muslims) and the Yoruba Mosques (for Southern Muslims). Northern Muslims have a GENUINE respect for GENUINE Southern Christians. I am not referring to miracle and financial breakthrough materialistic ‘Christians’. Believe me, if you have lived in the North, you will know that the average Northern Muslim can smell a genuine Christian and differentiate him from a bread and butter Christian. They have a respect for the former. A respect they generally don't have for Southern Muslims. It is easier for the Northern Muslim power elite to accept Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, than for them to accept Bola Tinubu. If he likes, he can reject Bola and answer AHMED. The truth is that AHMED will still be HAMMERED. Bola Tinubu should learn from history. Or he will repeat history. He is dealing with force

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