The money in the bullion vans are for me to spend in my premises – Bola Tinubu

Two things are involved in the two bullion vans that were sighted driving into the bourdillon residence of the APC chieftain and National Leader Bola Tinubu, it is either they are conveying election materials or they are loaded with cash.

Responding to questions from journalists after casting his votes, Bola Tinubu has hinted that the bullion vans were not carrying election materials otherwise he would not have been seen coming out to vote in his polling unit.

He also opined that he has no business with the government of the day in terms of contracts or being engaged in any capacity such that would give him access to public funds.

He tagged those responsible for leaking the footage of the bullion vans entering his residence as “mischief makers”, emphasizing that it is nobody’s business if he had money to spend in his premises; confirming the fact that the bullion vans actually contains cash.

Critics of President Muhammadu Buhari has berated him for fighting corruption selectively by only persecuting and prosecuting those in the opposition while protecting all those in his political party who are arguably known to be corrupt.

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