The 3 phases of abortion you must know and consider

Woman with pregnancy
Woman with pregnancy

The woman has been more prudent compared to the man in the management of her eggs, while she releases typically one at a time, the man has been so very wasteful that he releases billions of sperms in a little shot and therefore becoming more culpable of abortion.

Abortion for me is the termination of the process of procreation at any of the 3 phases that have to occur to enable the formation of a baby. For convenience, abortion has been deliberately restricted to the object the rather than the subject.

The 3 Phases of abortion are discussed below.

The Egg and Sperm Stage

The egg of a woman as a matter of fact is a living thing that has right to its own existence but rather, nature has established a way of putting the light out of it leading to a process that has been termed menstruation. Menstruation as a termination of the process of procreation is a form of abortion and this is my personal stand.

On the other hand, the sperm also is a unit of life and also exists on its own with all the characteristics of a living thing. The sperm has the right to a continuous existence once it is brought forth from the male organ otherwise it should not have been brought forth. The act of sperm formation and wastage is another form of abortion though natural and unavoidable just as the case of the egg.

The Sperm meets Egg Stage

The sperm meets egg stage is what I am using to indicate the few periods of time surrounding the co-joining of the sperm to the egg to commence the earliest stage of child formation. It has been debated that at this stage it cannot be referred to as an embryo though not disputing the fact that this speck of life is as much as a living organism just as any other else. These assumptions are only to justify the termination of this speck of life without labeling the act as an abortion but for me it is an abortion anyway no matter how brilliantly it is covered up.

Having said that much, people feel much more comfortable to terminate the process at this stage without carrying any amount of guilt inside them. This is the time a woman normally use the phrase ‘I have not seen my period’; it might be few days after and probably not more than a week away from the menstrual due date.

The after math of this type of termination is just like a normal menstruation that occurred for same or a little more than the usual period of time. The difference between this stage and the next stage is the non existence of the placenta or an anchor to the uterus wall.

The Embryo Stage

The embryo stage is what I refer to as the shape of life; here a distinctive formation could be seen that going forward transforms gradually into the human shape and which becomes the child at birth. At this stage, there is already an established link via the uterus wall to the mother and this is the longest period within the procreation process.

This is the stage where the word abortion is conveniently used to describe any method of termination of the embryonic life and I describe this as the mother of all abortions but still of same degree as the former in terms of right of existence because without the former there will be no embryo therefore the slightest of the beginning of the process is key.

The decision to abort or not to abort is a key responsibility of every individual who is involved or caught up in such situations.

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