The 3 faces of Christianity you may not have known

The three crucifixion crosses at Calvary
The three crucifixion crosses at Calvary

Christianity as we all know has been a religion that is associated with Jesus Christ of Nazareth as recorded in the Holy Bible, the only scripture of Christendom. Over hundreds of years of the coming of Christianity, there has been different extremes to the practice of Christianity with each having their strong points for their distinct approach to this same Christ inspired religion.

The 3 Faces of Christianity might not address every of the differences existing in the Christendom but it is the sure eyes through which you can see the differences on a basic scale as is opined below.
1. The Son Perspective

Prior to Christianity, Judaism was practiced by the Jews with every other religion tagged as not from the Almighty God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is what the God of the Jews was called, then Jesus came and set another tune to transform the Judaism he as well practiced, giving rise to one of the most widely practiced religion in all of the world.

After the death of Christ by crucifixion, his disciples carried on the work he taught them preaching and teaching every one that cares to listen about Christ the Son of God who was sent to atone for the sins of mankind so that they can be saved from sin which is a hindrance from having eternal life after death.

Today, the group of churches that adopt the the son perspective as their focal point of worship are the Anglicans, the Baptist, the Methodist, the Africans, the Presbyterian, the Adventist and host of all the new age churches we sometimes refers to as Pentecostal churches or new generation churches. Jesus Christ is the one-point reference to their doctrine and practices.

2. The Father Perspective

These group of churches see God the Father as the primary way to profess their faith with no intention to undermine the other worship figures of Christianity. They believe God the Father is unique, the Almighty, they believe he is distinct and somehow superior to the rest of the worship figures in Christianity.

They emphasize this uniqueness and oneness by referring to Him by His name Jehovah as recorded in the Holy Bible. They have in bid to emphasize their different perspective to Christianity translated their own unique Scripture which they call the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. In their version of the Holy Book they have replaced every word God with Jehovah.

These group of Christians are called Jehovah’s Witnesses, they are popular in the world because of the organised documentation of their doctrines without deviating from specific teachings they have been known for for many many years. Several publications like My Book of Bible Stories, the Awake and the Watchtower are unique publications of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. We have other Christian groups like God’s Kingdom Society, God’s Kingdom Mission who have taken after the Jehovah’s Witnesses approach but have resort to using Holy Bible and not the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.

3. The Mother Perspective

When Jesus Christ ascended to heaven as recorded in the Holy Bible, Peter was thereafter the head of the Christians upon which rock the church was built. According to the Catholic doctrine, Peter was recorded as the first Pope of the Catholic church. Right from when Martin Luther gave 99 reasons why he has to leave the Catholic church to start what was referred to as the Protestant movement, the Catholic church has remained unshaken and has been expanding.

The Catholic church undoubtedly is one of the most enduring and resilient organisation in the world with over 1 billion membership and a doctrine that is continuously under attack by the rest of Christendom. The good thing about the Catholic Church is that it is only traceable to Peter being the first Pope and also the early Christians. It has no one person as its founder on whose individual hard work and finances the church was established like every other churches.

The central figure of worship in the Catholic Church is Mary the Mother of God as they call her and this has been one of the area where other Christian groups have continue to disagree with the Catholic church. Far more emphasis is laid on Mary the Mother of God than Jesus Christ Himself and even God the Father. The fact that She is refer to as the Mother of God is enough to conclude that she supersede every other worship figures in the Catholic doctrine.

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