The controversial TraderMoni of Professor Yemi Osibanjo and people’s reactions

Vice President Professor Yemi Osibanjo examining foodstuff
Vice President Professor Yemi Osibanjo examining foodstuff

The Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who has recently been hit with controversies surrounding financial impropriety over funds he approved for the National Emergency Management Agency NEMA has continue to carry on his TraderMoni mission irrespective of various outcry about the motive of the scheme.

Few days back, Professor Yemi Osibanjo took his TraderMoni mission to Bodija, Oje markets in Ibadan, a city in Oyo State in Nigeria where he dole out ten thousand naira to petty traders in open markets who are mostly women with little means of livelihood.

The motive behind this mission has been questioned by some Nigerians who see this act as a discreet way of vote buying in preparation for the 2019 Presidential elections during which Osibanjo will be contesting as vice president alongside the presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari under the All Progressive Congress APC.

A social media user Oke Umurhohwo has this to say about the TraderMoni, “A whole vice president of a country, going round the country and doing things a local government chairman should be doing”

“Wow lets give them a round of applause for this great project of theirs. I shake my head for this country and the people we call leaders, distributing money cos election is near” opined Oluwakemi another social media user.

The poverty the government was suppose to tackle is now being taken advantage of through the TraderMoni scheme as such money will never be used for any meaningful gain, Olatunde Oloruntola said “Poverty is a political tool, God will deliver us”.

Despite the outcry from some quarters, the All Progressive Congress APC led federal government still believes the TraderMoni scheme is legal and will go a long way in easing the financial burden on the rural market traders who are majorly women.

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